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For as long as I can remember I have always taken things apart and put them back together. From a young boy to the 29 year old that I am now, the fascination of how things are made and how can I make them work better have lead me to create the custom welding and fabrication shop that Storman Performance is. I came up with our slogan “You dream it, We build it” because we haven’t really limited ourselves to what kind of custom welding and fabrication that we can do over the years. I have always had a hard time sitting still, so I’ve enjoyed offering services to multiple different industries. Being able to bounce around to different projects and scratch those creative itches has allowed us to build some really cool projects. I’m happy to have these types of opportunities and build this type of business.


I'm a welder fabricator here at Storman performance. It all started when I moved to the Hellfire state that is Florida at the age of 4 and after 20 years I didn't think it was hot enough so I enrolled in welding school. Year later I found my dream job at Storman performance, getting to build bad ass cars and other crazy creations. 

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